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Tutorial #01: My First SNES Rom

April 15, 2012

Note: This tutorial is done on 32bit Windows 7.

Required Files:
-WLA Executables:
-Sample root folder:
-SNES emulator, I prefer snes9x:

The root folder, which contains all required files:
-main.asm //this is the main game file
Note:The sample main.asm file creates a green background. //this is called by main.asm, and always required
-Snes_Init.asm //this is called by main.asm, and always required //this file will later help make the ROM
-all other game files //bigger projects will require main.asm to call more files

Now that the root folder is ready to be converted to a ROM…
-Put wlalink.exe and wla683993.exe in your C:/Windows/System32 directory
-Put your root folder in your C:/ directory
-Run the command prompt
-Type: CD/root
-C:\root should appear
-Type: wla-65816 -vo main.asm main.obj
-Type: wlalink -vr main.smc
Note: You can right-click -> paste to the command line but can’t ctrl-v to paste

Test your new ROM:
-In your root folder you should now have a main.smc file, this is your finished ROM.
-Test main.smc in a SNES emulator to make sure it works.
-For the green background test program, the screen should turn green.
-Congratulations, you made your first ROM!

Thank yous, resources:
-This tutorial was largely based off of the following tutorials/sites:


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One Comment
  1. Hi

    I’m thinking of doing the same project as you : create my own snes games

    I fully read the wiki page and already gathered the softwares above. But i still have one doubt ;

    Recently ikari_01 has built SD2SNES :

    Basiclly it’s a cartidge that contains most of the chips that the snes needed to run advanced games. (Cx4, DSP-1/2, probably SA-1, GSU 1/2 and MSU-1 !!)
    The great thing is that this cartridge allows you to plug an SD card inside and then play rom files.

    As far as i’m concerned this cartridge is the most effective in the market as it is compatible with more than 90% of the games (or ROMS) released for the SNES. (some of them needed special chips so they wont all run on SD2SNES)

    My question is : Supposing Zsnes, Bsnes or most of the others emulators can run a rom created manually with the tools above, MIGHT the original hardware run it too ?

    I think that there are thousand of parameters to check (the soundchip of the snes for example is still nowadays not properly emulated) and i don’t want to do any mistakes with my hardwareif i have to test something on it^^

    Anyway, if you have some answer i’ll wait for it. nice blog and great idea to do one also.

    PS : I also found THIS :

    IT SEEMS to be a programming cartridge for the snes but i didnt figured out what is the function of it .. On hack-a-day blog, they mentionned that it’s made FOR game programming … However, devs didnt finished it since ikari_01 left them and created SD2SNES.

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