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New project coming soon. Tutorial to be added ASAP.

Tutorial #02: Rending a Tile Background

Coming this Saturday


Tutorial #01: My First SNES Rom

Note: This tutorial is done on 32bit Windows 7.

Required Files:
-WLA Executables:
-Sample root folder:
-SNES emulator, I prefer snes9x:

The root folder, which contains all required files:
-main.asm //this is the main game file
Note:The sample main.asm file creates a green background. //this is called by main.asm, and always required
-Snes_Init.asm //this is called by main.asm, and always required //this file will later help make the ROM
-all other game files //bigger projects will require main.asm to call more files

Now that the root folder is ready to be converted to a ROM…
-Put wlalink.exe and wla683993.exe in your C:/Windows/System32 directory
-Put your root folder in your C:/ directory
-Run the command prompt
-Type: CD/root
-C:\root should appear
-Type: wla-65816 -vo main.asm main.obj
-Type: wlalink -vr main.smc
Note: You can right-click -> paste to the command line but can’t ctrl-v to paste

Test your new ROM:
-In your root folder you should now have a main.smc file, this is your finished ROM.
-Test main.smc in a SNES emulator to make sure it works.
-For the green background test program, the screen should turn green.
-Congratulations, you made your first ROM!

Thank yous, resources:
-This tutorial was largely based off of the following tutorials/sites: